Atlantic Coast Toyotalift offers Combilift and Toyota Multidirectional Forklifts that are perfect for long bulky loads difficult to carry with traditional forklifts.

Benefits of Multidirectional Forklifts:

  • Carry Long Bulky Loads Safely
  • Designed for Narrow Aisles
  • Sideloading Capability
  • Indoor and Outdoor Operation is Possible
  • Perfect for a Wide Range of Materials

Combilift C Series forklift at work

Move in any direction

There is no need to turn these forklifts to load or unload. The sideloading design allows them to operate in small spaces since they can travel in any direction, and don't need to be maneuvered to face racking to place a load.

Indoor and Outdoor Capability:

Not just for the inside of a warehouse, these multidirectional forklifts can easily traverse terrain that many other material handling equipment can't. Unload a truck with just one piece of equipment.

Combilift C Series forklift moving a large pipe

Safe Long Load Handling:

If you've ever seen a load "airplaned" you know how dangerous it can be for the operator and others in the area. Damage to product, equipment and even injuries can occur because of carrying materials with a forklift not designed for these types of loads. Multidirectional forklifts carry loads low and on a wide, safe platform with no need to carry the load sideways through narrow dooorways or aisles. These forklifts are designed to safely handle your long bulky materials.

C3000 Combilift Forklift Silhouette

Suitable Industries:
  • Steelyards
  • Concrete
  • Logistics
  • Lumberyards

Toyota Material Handling Multidirectional Reach Forklift

Toyota Multidirectional Reach Truck:

Toyota Material Handling's Multidirectional Reach Forklift is perfect for moving awkward, long loads on improved concrete areas. This Multidirectional Forklift is a quiet and emission free workhorse that can operate in narrow aisles. When quiet, efficient operation is key, this is the perfect multidirectional forklift for the job. FIND OUT MORE